2018 MHAA Scholarship Application (deadline 3-30-2018)

Every year during the Spring semester, our organization opens up a scholarship application period for current and former Charles H. Milby High School students to help them with the stresses of funding their collegiate education. This period is followed by a selection program by the MHAA Scholarship Committee.

The chosen students selected as recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship or additional monies depending on available funds from our organization obtained from the hard work and dedication of volunteers in fundraising functions through our association.

All the applicants are considered to be excellent candidates, and the task of deciding who should receive these scholarships is often very difficult. As in the past, we have considered the needs and qualifications of each individual student, keeping in mind that the primary goal of our organization is to help students who have the desire and perseverance to continue their education but do not have the economic resources to do so.

The recipient ‘s funds will be sent to the school of choice in care of the Student Financial Aid Office at the stated campus.

The scholarships are formaly awarded at our Annual Scholarship Awards Dance, participation is mandatory, failure to do so will mean that you are relinquishing your scholarship.

Past recipients are always encouraged to come and talk to the Milby Hispanic Alumni Association at our monthly meetings to hear from you as you advance with your college education. We will be more than pleased.


Scholarship Committee
Mary Gamboa, Minda Dominguez, Irene Adame
Rudy Gutierrez, Fred Salinas, Eva Loredo