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Mission Statement

The purpose of the MHAA is to keep members, friends, and supporters of Charles H. Milby High School informed of the organization’s activities on a regular basis.
History and Purpose of Organization

Following the 25th Anniversary class reunion in 1984, hispanic members of the Milby High School Class of ’59 gathered together in a room at the Hobby Hilton Hotel to catch up on each other’s lives. The group decided it was great to visit with each other and that we should do it more often. And so began the idea to have another class reunion- a “Latin American Prom” type of reunion.

Several classmates volunteered to be on the original committee- Aurora Ramos Flores, Dan Perez, Richard Valverde, Abel Torres, Mary Silva Gamboa, Marco Salinas, Robert Garza, Emma Vela Garcia, Eva Lazo Jackson, Magda Martinez Torrero, and Irene Celis Adame. Between early September, 1984 and December, 1984, the committee met religiously on a weekly basis, sometimes at an individual’s home, sometimes at restaurants or clubs. Plans for a reunion in early December, 1984 were formalized, and the committee decided to call our small organization “The 59’ers”. After a very successful reunion at the Latino Learning Center, the membership voted to donate the leftover proceeds from the reunion to the Ripley House Senior Citizens.

The 59ers continued to meet periodically, mostly on a social basis, and as the year 1989 approached, the club decided to formalize the organization. Other people were invited to attend the meeting, and early in 1989, the organization had enough people to hold an election of officers. Since the organization now consisted of individuals from various classes in addition to the “Class of ’59”, the name of the organization was changed to its current name- Milby Hispanic Alumni Association. The membership voted for Sylvia Gabino Rivera as President, Tony Rodriguez as Vice President, Mary Silva Gamboa as Secretary, and Irene Celis Adame as Treasurer.

Our organization had its first fundraiser May, 1989, a barbecue at Simon Cruz’s Harmony Wedding Chappel. This was the first of many fundraisers. We sponsored a dance in November, 1989 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Madden Road, which further proved that our organization had the ability to raise funds. On July 7, 1990, we all felt so proud when we awarded our first 6 scholarships. Ten years later, as of July 31, 1999, we have awarded 102 scholarships to students graduating from Milby High School. Funding for these scholarships is made possible through the fundraising efforts of our membership, with the support and cooperation of community-conscious individuals and organizations.

The goal of the Milby Hispanic Alumni Association has always been to help our youth continue their education and achieve their goals by providing scholarships. We would like to thank all members, past and present, and all our friends and supporters who have given so generously of themselves through these past ten years to help the Milby Hispanic Alumni Association achieve its goal of helping our Hispanic community educate its children.

Early during the formation of our organization, we adopted the phrase, “the Spirit continues” as our motto, an expression recommended by our first President, Sylvia Rivera. We have had changes in officers over the years, and we have had changes in membership, but the same spirit and teamwork with which our organization was born has prevailed over the years. An so, the spirit continues…
To extend financial assistance to deserving students from Charles H. Milby High School in East End Houston who apply and meet guidelines for scholarships. The number and amount of scholarships awarded is contingent on money collected throughout the year through various fundraisers. Some of the fundraisers include the scholarship dance, golf tournament, BBQs, fish fry, Mardi Gras dance, bus trips every other month to the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana, to name a few. We will initiate any and all kinds of events in order to raise funds for our scholarship program.

The awarding of scholarships to Hispanic students is very important not only for the students but also to the community, which can support and inspire Hispanic students to stay in school, graduate and attend college. The scholarship program began in 1989, and the first six scholarships were awarded on July 7, 1990.

MHAA is a 501 (c) (3) Organization.

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Milby Hispanic Alumni Association (MHAA)
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